Monday, October 8, 2007

Press Freedom to Tout Their Candidate

Iowa Poll Puts Clinton Atop in Key State

By NEDRA PICKLER The Associated Press Monday, October 8, 2007; 1:38 AM

NEW HAMPTON, Iowa -- Hillary Rodham Clinton has taken the lead among Democratic presidential candidates in an Iowa poll, an encouraging sign of progress toward overcoming a big hurdle in the race.

Although the New York senator is the clear front-runner in national surveys, Iowa has remained an elusive prize. She has been in a tight race with John Edwards and Barack Obama in the state that begins the primary campaign voting in three months.



Does the Associated Press report of Hillary gaining the lead in Iowa as "an encouraging sign of progress" seem a little weird to you?

Did to me. I guess whether her gain is 'encouraging' or not depends on your degree of support for those who are not Hillary. Ditto with 'progress.'

Obama or Edwards supporters (some of whom must surely read AP releases) might just be a tad put off by careless adjectives.

Nedra Pickler might be in a pickle with a fair-minded editor.

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