Thursday, March 26, 2020

Biting the Hand That Feeds You

It’s a truism that fat dogs seldom bite. And of course how does one bite a United States Senator in the ass, except in the voting booth.

So the Senate, in its boundless and unquestioned wisdom, has thrown a steak dinner to all the dogs that vote. Those who vote are likely to have a bank account where an automatic deposit might be welcomed. If not, they surely have a mailing address, else one cannot be a registered voter.

Ergo, without an account or an address, you are fucked and simply expected to die under a bridge or, less tastefully, in a cardboard carton on someone’s doorway.

Perfectly done, Mr. McConnell. One does not elevate to the position of Majority Leader in the Senate without a keen sense of who is invited to dine and who dies in poverty.

In the vastness of its largesse, McConnell is ready to aim a single $1500 arrow in the direction all who earn less than $75,000 and—let’s not forget—have a bank account or address. Anything less would be half-vast.

Fifteen hundred under those circumstances is pocket-change, perhaps enough to buy a large-screen TV or some other useless bauble.

Fifteen hundred every two weeks until the jobs markets settle would be a life-saver for
·      waitresses, zero-hours workers,
·      those who sleep under a bridge or in a doorway,
·      teachers, beauticians, janitors and cleaners,
·      short-order cooks and the people who watch your kids in day-care centers—and on and on, but you get my drift.

Those are the people for whom survival is at risk.

It blows my mind that every time we have a financial disaster—and the coronavirus pandemic is financial as well as medical—we throw trillions at banks and airlines, while throwing our poor under the bus.

These circumstances arise with great regularity, because our financial system is set up to pillage, get bailed out, pillage again and repeat.

Eventually, it seems the total commitment of our United States Congress is either to run out of poor or buses.

And, thus far, they’re doing a pretty damned good job of it.

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