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Dark Side of the Moon has a long history running back over 20 years and 1700 essays on politics and social issues. It’s almost a time-machine of largely American discourse. As for the name, it has nothing to do with Pink Floyd and everything to do with a Mark Twain quote:

Every man is a moon and has a dark side which he turns toward nobody; you have to slip around behind if you want to see it
--Mark Twain

Those essays are compiled in five volumes available on

I’ve spent all or part of ten decades wandering around this life of mine, trying to pay attention and make some sense of what I’ve experienced. Few writers today can make that claim, having retired or cashed in their chips some time ago. That gives me a somewhat unique perspective that I try to keep as fresh as when I was in my twenties. My purpose is not to preach a liberal or conservative point of view, but to share with you what I find interesting and let the cards fall where they may.

If we can have some fun along the way, all the better.

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The Dark Side of the Moon offers commentary on political and social issues gathered from all (or part) of ten decades walking around trying to pay attention.